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Si la qualité de votre backlink est importante dans le référencement dun site par Google, ce nest pas le seul élément pris en compte. Le but de Google est de proposer aux internautes des liens qui répondent parfaitement à leurs recherches. Le principal critère de référencement est donc la qualité dun site. Boostez votre indexation dans le moteur de recherche Google. Pour cela, Google se base sur le contenu du site internet, sur sa popularité, sur les optimisations SEO opérées et sur ses performances. Pour quun site soit bien référencé par Google il doit donc répondre aux exigences de qualité du moteur de recherche avec un SEO orienté dans ce sens. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus? Vous pouvez checker un maximum dinformations dans notre article: Atteindre la première page des résultats dans Google.
Learn Digital Skills with Free Training - Google Digital Garage.
Get a Google mentor to help your business. Sign up for a free session here. Get new skills for a digital world. Learn at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive. Discover tools to make your business succeed.
Google to unveil its new streaming gaming hardware at GDC.
Google's' new hardware would mean the company could sell controllers unique to its own service. Attendees of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco have speculated about Google's' announcement at the event since it sent a mysterious invitation to media members, saying all" will be revealed" on March 19, The Verge reported Tuesday.
Google Design.
As UXers, were in a position to make the platforms and products we work on more accessible. Browse these resources and let's' take action in our designs: Start with web updates: evaluate websites you manage for accessibility errors, increase color contrast if needed, and make sure all images include alt text for more, see Material Designs accessibility guide. For apps, use these accessibility scanners for Android and iOS Explore our series on designing for global accessibility, put together by UX Researchers Astrid Weber and Nithya Sambasivan. Part I: Awareness, Part II: Context, Part III: Inclusive Defaults Learn how to make your online meetings inclusive. Heres how were leveraging tools for accessible remote learning at Google See whats worked and what hasnt: Interaction Designer Shabi Kashani recounts her trials and errors, and Jen Devins, Head of Accessibility UX at Google, shares how designing for accessibility can improve the whole system Connect with others online and spark conversation via Clarity Conference and NYCs accessibility and inclusive design currently virtual meetup group Watch Crip Camp on Netflix to witness the power of a movement, and join one of Crip Impact's' free weekly webinars And check in with yourself!
Google Podcasts creator program.
The Google Podcasts creator program is a partnership between Google and PRX that trains, mentors, and provides resources to underrepresented voices in podcasting around the world. Free to participants, the 12-week training will be entirely virtual and conducted by PRX alongside international industry experts and Google Podcasts creator program alumni.
Google has boosted the odds that sexual harassment cases against it will see the light of day.
Claims already settled may not be reopened. According to Wired, Googles new policy will also no longer prevent aggrieved employees from filing class-action suits. Workers protest against Google's' handling of sexual misconduct allegations at the company's' Mountain View, Calif, headquarters on Thursday, Nov.
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Google's' Secret China Project Effectively" Ended" After Fight. Filters SVG.
Google has been forced to shut down a data analysis system it was using to develop a censored search engine for China after members of the companys privacy team raised internal complaints that it had been kept secret from them, The Intercept has learned.
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